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Born in the bush

Being born and raised in central Queensland I have a real connection to the bush. Also, like many ‘bush babies’ I first learnt to drive in an old Landcruiser and they have always been my favourite car. Last year I was lucky enough to be able to buy an old one and started restoring it myself.

Kidding around…us kids in the back of a 40. Memories from growing up in Central Queensland

I do a lot of work in regional communities across the state and have seen first-hand the impacts of not only drought but other natural disasters such as floods and fires. Over the Christmas break I got to thinking about ways I could help raise money to support communities that were affected by the drought, while at the same time pondering a road trip out west in my now roadworthy Landcruiser, Jim.

The two ideas just came together and, after gauging interest through a couple of the Facebook groups for classic Landcruiser owners, decided to give this a crack.

I’m hoping we can make this initiative not only meaningful to those who choose to participate, but we also gain a better understanding of the spirit of the bush and ways we can continue to ensure we support and develop rural communities.

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