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Why 40s for $40K?

The iconic classic Landcruiser that most people will know is the 40 Series; they were in production from 1960 to 1984, largely unchanged on the outside, and are synonymous with the bush. 

One of the Facebook group members suggested we should aim for $40k just because it went with the 40 Series name.

Anyone who has been watching the news over the past 12 months will have seen that much of Queensland, and indeed the rest of the country, has witnessed the worst drought period in living history. Some communities have been living with drought for more than eight years and the fact is that many small farmers and businesses have lost their livelihood because of this.

One thing we wanted to do was rally together and see if we could link our passion for our classic Landcruisers while supporting a local charity. I wanted to be realistic with our fundraising target, but also hope that our trip could inject a bit of money into local businesses as well as provide an opportunity to further promote rural Queensland.

Drought has been impacting some small rural towns across Queensland for more than eight years.

While $40k is a pretty decent target, we hope to raise more than that.

To make a donation head to our donation page. A few dollars can go a long way to helping an individual or family.

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