Brent Reeman

I do a lot of work in regional communities in Queensland and have seen first-hand the impact of not only drought but other natural disasters such as floods and fires. Being born and bred in central Queensland I have a real connection to the bush. I first learnt to drive in old Landcruisers and they have always been my favourite car. Last year I was lucky enough to able to buy an old one and started restoring it. Over the Christmas break, I was thinking about ways I could help raise money to support communities that were affected by the drought while at the same time thinking about doing a road trip out west now that I had my Landcruiser on the road. The two ideas just came together and after gauging interest through a couple of the Facebook groups for classic Landcruiser owners decided to give it a crack.


I own a 1973 FJ45 that’s been converted to a HJ45. That simply means its had its original petrol motor replaced with an original but later model diesel motor. Also has a 4spd updgrade and disc brakes on the front. No A/C, no power steering, its rough, noisy, smelly and slightly scary to drive. We call it Jim, after an old fencing contractor that used to take us out working when we were kids and he always had old Landcruisers. Jim was a good mate and died a few years ago so it’s a little bit of a tribute to him.


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