Bruce Tomlinson

Ol White Lady

7/84 HJ47 Troopy
Found in a back yard in Bingara nsw. 3rd owner. Originally from a horse riding school Mansfield VIC. Been around Aust and dragged its back legs and parked up in Bingara. I bought it in 2019 and stripped it to the tub ,fixed up a few rust spots,replaced all seals in trans and transfer and axles and diffs. Replaced rockers and reconditioned injectors. Front seal and had radiator cleanened checked and moved bottom outlet for power steering. Fitted 40 series power steering and fitted a/c. Refitted original ARB roof rack that was chucked off on a farm out of Bingara. Fitted a set of pressed clip rims and hub caps. Fitted a snorkel and is pretty much as I found her. On club rego and done quite a few events and clocked up 6500 kms since rego. She ain’t pretty but I would take her anywhere.She reminds me of a camel. SLOW and ROUGH!


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